Visitor's Guide

Summer in Prague!

What to do in Prague during the Summer:

Summer begins in Prague on the 21st of June, but from the very beginning of the month you begin to feel hot temperatures, oftentimes exceeding 30 degrees (Celsius). The four seasons are well marked in Czech Republic, with June through the middle of August bringing summer vibes and heat to the city. A great option to escape to enjoy hot days is to explore the endless amounts of beautiful parks. It seems that every day you can find new activities happening there, including concerts, international food festivals, dance classes and DJ’s, all for free! Some of the parks are noted for having gorgeous lagoons, breath-taking views, important historical monuments and, of course, great beer.

easyBNB recommends:

The majority of the boats that are in this river are very popular places to sit and have a beer after work, enjoying the sunset. There are also boats that function as restaurants with great buffets, some very romantic. You can choose between boats with bars, clubs or live music. There is even one hotel boat (botel) and another one with a beach volleyball court! It is a great area to relax, including options to enjoy a spa day.

Having a stroll here is very popular during summer and I assure you that you will enjoy a beautiful sunset or at least a pretty pink sky before it gets dark.

On the weekends, there are food festivals and farmers markets happening, where locals take advantage of buying fresh produce, meat, fish, and other delicacies. Obviously, there are international foods as well, all to be found along this beautiful river walk.

If you are in one of our apartments and want to know more about what to do in Prague do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you all the information you need. In all the places we have mentioned the beer will be present and it would be cool if you can ask for your order in Czech in any restaurant or bar, for example:

  1. Hello how are you? (Ahoj, jak se máš)
  2. One beer, please (jedno pivo, prosím)